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mothers day email

Mums The Word – Mothers Day Email Header

Mothers Day Email Image 1

This image for mothers day is a colorful and bright picture with a retro chic look. The saying

Mums The Word

to remind readers to keep their gifts a surprise. It would make a good email header image for a Mothers Day email campaign. Promoting Mothers Day Gifts, or some kind of service related to Mothers Day. A Flower delivery service might like to use this kind of Mothers Day email image as it depicts a bunch of flowers as a border around the message.

mothers day email image

Laurel & Hardy – Mums The Word – Email Header For Mothers Day

Mothers Day Email Image 2

This is the same picture as above, but with Laurel and Hardy giving the message. Saying ssh, keep the mothers day gift a secret. Surprise your mother.

What does your mother mean to you

is a nice thought to give readers of an email promoting special gifts or greetings for Mothers Day. It can be followed with some ideas of what a Mother might mean. For example if your mother is beautiful to you, you may wish to buy her a gift of some beauty products. This would be a nice email header for promoting beauty products for Mothers Day.

If your mother is sweet, maybe some chocolate company would send an email with a header like this to showcase their choclate mothers day treats.

Email campaigns for companies need to stand out and grab the readers attention. This header gives a nice first impression and can be used by a variety of companies. The following text and product images would be unique to each marketer and should be relevant to the idea of “what does your mother mean to you”.

Flowers are customary on Mothers Day, so most emails for this day contain flowers as standard. This Mothers Day email image is a little bit special because of the black and white images of a fifties mom and laurel and hardy. It is a little tongue in cheek and humorous which is always good for an email. everyone receives so many marketing emails, you want yours to stand out and be noticed. These two images should create a very good first impression.

Do not forget to make your marketing campaign emails responsive. most people these days read their mail on their mobile phones. These images are nice and large, so can be scaled down by scripts for any responsive mail. So they will display nicely at all resolutions.

You can download these email headers free of cost and use them to promote your products on the second sunday of May, that is mothering Sunday.

Try to get your emails out sooner rather than later, as people need time for delivery and if you send your mail too late they might worry about postal delays etc. So send it out at least two weeks prior to Mothers Day to ensure readers can shop in a relaxed manner.

These pictures can also be shared on Facebook, Twitter etc. They are free and made by Crosshatch Design. We hope you like these Mothers Day Email Images.

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