April Fools Jester Image

April Fools Jester Image – here is a png image of a jester. This can be used for making April Fools Day graphics. It is a clipart image that can be placed inside any design.


april fools jester image

April Fools Jester Images

For example, we have placed this jester on a fancy background and added text to give Happy Aprils Fools Day greetings…

happy april fools day greeting

Happy April Fools Day

April Fools Jester Image

A buffoon, court jokester, jester, joker or imbecile was truly a performer amid the medieval and Renaissance times who was an individual from the family of an aristocrat utilized to divert him and his visitors. A jokester was additionally a nomad entertainer who entertained regular society at fairs and markets. Jokesters are likewise current performers who take after their verifiable partners. Entertainers in medieval times are regularly thought to have worn brilliantly shaded garments and unusual caps in a diverse example and their present day partners normally impersonate this outfit. In medieval times jokesters entertained with a wide assortment of aptitudes: chief ones included tunes, music, and narrating; extra ones included aerobatic exhibition, juggling, telling jokes, and enchantment. A significant part of the amusement was performed in a comic style and numerous jokesters made contemporary jokes in word or tune about individuals or occasions surely understood to their gatherings of people. Many artworks portraying April Fools Day Jesters exist from times past.

April Fools Day Jesters

On April Fools alot of people play at being the court jester. Even multi national companies like to get in on the jokes for the day. They have been known to play all kinds of funny pranks on the unsuspecting public. Look out this year to see if any strange things are reported in the media. This April fools jester image commemorates all those jokers.

April Fools Day Jester Image On Transparent Background For Greetings

Please feel free to share this April Fools Jetser image with friends on facebook or whatsapp or twitter or any social media platform. It has been made by Crosshatch Design and shuld look ok in various joker themed designs.




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Hope you enjoy this April Fools Day Jester Image, please come back for more pics and clipart soon!

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